Hello Everyone!

You have all received by this time an email to join TeamSnap. Please open this email and accept, while you are at it please download the teamsnap app onto your phones.

For all alumni/old boys you can check out the page here: https://montrealwanderersrfc.teamsnap.com

If you would like to join as an old boy just contact the team owner on the page and we will gladly add you as a non playing member, you would then have access to all games, practices and events! Once a Wanderer always a Wanderer!

This new tool will allow us to post all practices, games and events use google maps to find the locations and confirm your personal availability.

There are a bunch of other features that I am really excited about but not going to mention them all here maybe over a pint the next time you see me!

So please check your emails, download the app and welcome to Wands 2.0, literally.

Special thank you to Graeme and Blake for pushing to get this tool up for the team.




PS: We have a women’s side! More to come on that on a future post!