FRQ Rules

The Montreal Wanderers are members in good standing of Rugby Quebec (also known as “La Fédération de Rugby du Québec (FRQ)” or “The Québec Rugby Federation”). In addition to the laws of the game set out by the IRB, we compete under the rules, regulations and guidelines of our local federation (FRQ).

Several key laws and regulations have been highlighted below. Click on the French or English links to download a copy of the complete rule set for 2011.

2011 Rules-English 2011 Règlements-Francais
2011 FRQ Rules – English 2011 Règlements FRQ – Francais

3.5 – Scoring System

3.5.3 A win is worth 4 points
3.5.6 A tie is worth 2 points
3.5.8 A loss is worth 0 points
3.6.7 A forfeit results in a loss of 1 point and is a loss in the playoffs

3.6 – Forfeit

3.6.1 If the team is not present 15 minutes after the start of the game
3.6.2 If the team does not have the players’ cards 15 min before the game
3.6.3 If the team has less than 12 players at the start of the game
3.6.4 Less than 12 players during the game (injury, yellow/red cards, etc.)
3.6.8 The team that forfeits in Men’s Super League can be fined up to $1,000
3.6.10 Forfeited games are scored 20-0; non-offenders get the bonus point

3.7 – Bonus Points

3.7.1 Awarded if a team scores 4 or more tries in a game
3.7.3 Awarded if a team loses a game by 7 points or fewer (eg. 21 to 14)

– Winners benefit from the 4-try bonus point, taking a maximum of 5 points
– Losers can get both points (4+ tries, loss by 7 or less), taking 2 points
If the winning team gets 5 points (4+1), then the losers can only get 1

3.9 – Promotion and Relegation

3.9.1 and 3.9.2
The top two teams in the A-division will be promoted to the Super League, with the bottom two teams in the Super League being relegated to the A-Division. 1st place replaces 2nd to last, and 2nd place replaces last.

6.0 – Abandoning a game

In the event that a game is abandoned for reasons beyond the match officials’ control (i.e. weather) and that this occurs during the first half, the game will be replayed, with a 0 – 0 score, at a later date. Should the game be abandoned in the second half, the game will count as being played and the score line at the time of the game being abandoned shall stand.